Motorcycle Jackets – Enhance Your Lifestyle By Getting The Best Designer Jackets

Sitting on a sports bike with a sports jacket on your body reflects your lifestyle and makes you stand apart from the crowd. With the increasing demand for motorcycle jackets, more and more sportswear companies have started manufacturing such jackets for both men and women. These jackets not only add style to your personality but also provide a high level of protection during the ride. This article deals with relevant information regarding the different types of biker jackets present in the market. With such a large variety present in the market, you will surely find a jacket that matches your taste and personality.

Retro Jacket


A retro jacket is the best for those bikers who often race with other bikers. These jackets are available in a wide range of colors with lots of logos and graphics. The riders can also get one designed as per the theme of the race. There are various jacket manufacturing companies that design custom motorcycle jackets on the demand of the riders.

Classic Jackets

It is a casual jacket which is designed to offer a high level of comfort to the riders instead of design or logos. These jackets not only enhance your personality on the bike but also allow you to wear them on a regular basis. The bike riders can get such jackets in a perfect fit from various showrooms or online shopping portals. These jackets do not deliver protection but are constructed functionally with a highly durable material that has a long life. These jackets are generally prepared from genuine leather and add a few stars to the personality of the riders.

Sports or racing jackets


These motorcycle jackets are specially designed for the individuals having passion about racing. These jackets are tailor made for racers so as to provide them a high level of safety and prevent the injuries which might occur due to accidents. Manufactured from thick leather, these jackets are provided with extra padding and protective armor. In order to improve the vision during the night, some lightening graphics are also installed on the jacket.

Rain Jacket

You might shave got an idea about this type of jacket from its name. Yes, this motorcycle jacket is usually used by the riders during rainy season in order to keep them safe from the slippery road and slides. These jackets are usually made up of nylon and prevent the riders from getting wet from rain.

Summer Jackets

These motorcycle jackets are considered as best for those who are simply bike riders and do not take part in racing. The bike racers should not use this jacket as it does not provide ultimate protection to the bikers. These jackets provide a cooling touch to the bike riders in summer seasons.


Bike riding can prove to be dangerous is you do not have the right motorcycle jackets with you. A protective covering no matter it is a helmet or a motorcycle jacket, is necessary to ensure safety. Your passion for biking can be fruitful only if you pay proper attention towards your safety. Avoid getting into a race before collecting the essential protective requirements.

This article shows that how motorcycle jackets made an eye-catching look when someone ride on. These leather jackets makes you stand apart from the rest of other folks when you  sit on your sporty. If you want to get more information about motorcycle jackets then motorcycle would be the best for you.


Tips To Know Before You Visit Paris

The French capital of Paris is right up there amongst the most well-known and prestigious cities in the world and the amount of visitors it has would appear to indicate that there are millions who agree with this assertion. If you are counting down the days before you take in your own taste of Parisian life then it is quite possible that you will want to be well prepared. These are some tips that could prove to be quite useful ahead of and during your stay.

Memorise some French


If you studied French during your time at school or if you speak it fluently then it can certainly allow you to enjoy your trip to Paris a lot more. However, you do not necessarily need a background in the French language to have a great time in the city. The minimum that you will need is a handful of vital phrases that will allow you to communicate with people to a good enough level. ‘Please (s’il vous plait)’ and ‘thank you (merci)’ will go an extremely long away, as will ‘hello (bonjour)’ and ‘goodbye (au revoir)’, especially as it is considered to be impolite not to greet people in such places as shops.

Take in the sights

You are undoubtedly spoilt for choice when it comes to sights to see in Paris and the most synonymous of these is the Eiffel Tower. There is also Disneyland of course and there are not many better places in the world for the kids to see while on holiday. You may also consider the cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris, as well as Le Champ de Mars next to both the Eiffel Tower and Ecole Militaire. These are just a mere few examples of a simply huge list so make sure that you sample as many as you can during the trip.

Do not be quick with your food


When you sample French cuisine you should always ensure that you are taking your time, never more so than when you are eating in a restaurant. It is culturally expected that you do not rush when eating your meal and you will find that the waiters will be acting very much in expectation of this.

The Metro

The Paris Metro is such a useful way to get around during your stay in the city and you can find its stops in all areas of the city. There is only Moscow that has a metro system with more passengers on a daily basis.

Article written by Katherine White on behalf of


New Technology Changes Online Shopping Forever

No one can be any doubt about the rise of online shopping and its impact on the high street. The recent collapse of several major retail operations is indicative of the changes in the way we shop. With 10% of all purchases now being made online the damaging effect on retailers has been twofold. Firstly footfall into the shops is being eroded and secondly consumers have the expectation of lower and lower prices. The result is reduced sales and reduced margins which is a very bad cocktail indeed to for businesses struggling to cover their overheads.



Retailers of fashion perhaps face unique difficulties with online sales. People still wish to try on clothes to see what they look like before they purchase them but would obviously still like the convenience and price advantage of shopping online. In addition there is the problem of clothes being offered in many size and colour options which makes holding enough stock in a store to supply all eventualities very difficult. All of these issues introduce the prospect of shops merely becoming venues for dressing up sessions before consumers disappear to make their actual purchase online. If shops decide to exclusively retail online to avoid this situation they have, until now, faced the difficulty of a very high proportion of returns as customers discover that the items they have purchased do not fit or suit them. But now everything is set to change.


Many retailers are now turning to the use of virtual fitting rooms to enhance the online experience of their customers and minimise the number of returns they have to process. Adidas, Hugo Boss and Superdry have introduced a tool developed by where customers enter their measurements to then see an accurate portrayal of what an item of clothing will look like on them and how well it will fit. Both the retailers and believe the system will drive additional sales and reduce the number of returns. Tesco have launched a similar system and others are set follow.


Further Developments

The fashion world is now also seeing the introduction of technology known as augmented reality (AR). Using a smartphone, iPad or webcam consumers can superimpose garments over their own image to see what they will look like. Debenhams have already trialled an Apple application using AR bringing the virtual and real worlds together. Shoppers can even get their friend’s opinions before buying by uploading images of themselves wearing the clothes onto Facebook or Twitter. Technology is marching on at such a pace that before these new systems are commonplace, even more advanced applications have been developed using 3D scanning. John Lewis are working with Technology company Cisco to create a magic mirror with integral sensors and camera which scan the customers to determine their exact measurements and then superimposes garments from the shop’s range onto the image in the mirror. You can even view several items at once using the system to create an entire outfit. It can only be a matter of time before such systems are available for use at home.



In the not too distant future it appears that we will be able to try on anything a retailer has to offer without leaving the house. Our computers will become a virtual shopping environment in which we can try on clothes and then even see how accessories like watches and handbags will look with our new outfits. Companies like Hugo Boss and John Lewis are in the forefront of the revolution but it cannot be long before everyone will follow suit or risk disappearing completely not only from the high street but from the virtual world as well.

Sally Stacey writes on a wide range of subjects including technology, travel and music. Read more on Sally’s Google+ profile page.


The Great Glass Wall Of China?

Imagine if the Great Wall of China would have been made from glass. It probably would have been a bit prettier; more fairy-tale like even. Sadly however, this magnificent structure wasn’t specifically built to look pretty; it was built to prevent the invasion of nomadic Mongolian tribes. If you are presently trying to prevent the invasion of your business from the threat of a nomadic tribe then you should build a wall made from bricks. If however, you are currently trying to promote the invasion of customers into your business then you should build your wall from glass.


I See Right Through You

Glass walls aren’t designed for defence; in that respect they’re rather a soft option. However, somewhat advantageously to your business, glass walls are also a soft option on the eye. The majority of successful, high street businesses now use glass walls as standard. This is particularly so in the case of lifestyle stores such as perfume outlets, clothes retailers and mobile phone shops. To this end, glass walls dazzle; they sparkle, they shine, they offer potential customers a glimpse into a bright and exciting store. Glass walls are welcoming, well lit and promote warmth. Products catch the eye of the strolling customers; they are hooked in to the store and offer you the potential for profit as a business. Enticing passing trade and arousing the curiosity of the passing customer is important to any business and by installing a glass wall you are maximising your potential for profit.

Abs of Steel, Walls of Glass


Glass walls are also now being used in a number of leisure suites and gymnasiums. You may be inclined to think that this is purely for voyeuristic purposes. However glass walls are the sensible option for any leisure facility for three good reasons. Firstly, they are easier to clean. Gyms tend to be rather sweaty and a build-up of moisture on a brick wall runs the risk of mould. Secondly, glass walls reflect a lot of light and help to create a sense of community and a friendly atmosphere at the gym. Your customers won’t feel claustrophobic or cut off from their fellow fitness lovers and this will help to create a friendly environment, benefiting you in sustained custom. Thirdly, think about why people tend to sit at windows in bars and restaurants; to watch the world go buy or to witness interesting points for observation. Similarly, in a gym or leisure suite a workout routine can often become monotonous and you can help to relieve this monotony by the use of a glass wall.

Shirley Hastings installed some Glass walls in her house, she loves that they have maximum visibility and are aesthetically pleasing.


Top Fashion Accessories for Winter 2012

Winter’s here! Well it definitely feels that way anyway. The shops are full of winter coats, boots, hats, scarves, gloves and any other winter accessory you can think of, and for many of us, a new season means an excuse to shop and stock up on our winter wardrobe! But when it comes to accessories – what’s hot for Winter 2012?



For Her: Winter is all about the long boots, and when you think long, you need to be thinking REALLY long. Thigh length boots are a must have this season. They look sexy and are surprisingly comfortable, with the added practicality of keeping your legs warm in the winter – its win-win all around.

For Him: Following a similar pattern of the last few Autumn/Winter trends military style boots have fought their way back in and are high priority this winter. Another must have this winter is snow boots. Now these may not sound particularly chic but you can actually get some pretty on trend boots this year, and snow has become an inevitable object of winter and we all know it’s only a matter of time before we see the first flakes falling.


For Her: The range of women’s coats available this winter is pretty wide but the undisputed champion is the trench coat. This classical look mixed with military style has won out this winter but if this isn’t your style there’s plenty more to choose from. The most popular length for women’s coats this winter is the middle of the knee and midi length but if you want to show off your figure, mini coats are also very current.

For Him: If you’re on trend this winter then it’s safe to say you’ll be looking pretty dapper this season! It’s all about the heritage look this winter with classic tweed, single and double breasted coats. But if you’re more of a casual man there’s plenty of duffel and trench coats to choose from. The military style is sneaking back into the coat racks this winter too so you could always dig out last winter’s coat and save a few pennies!



For Her: We are all guilty of having pairs of gloves hidden all over our homes but when winter comes around we can’t help buying yet another pair. This year, practicality has gone out the window and the most fashionable gloves are the fingerless and lacy variety. Your hands will be freezing but at least they’ll look good.

For Him: For the men, this year you can be safe in the knowledge you can be on trend and have toasty fingers because it’s all about the leather gloves this year!


For Her: A big trend this season is fur, fur and more fur. The colours are ranging from natural fur tones to eccentric bright colours; the size of the hat is varying quite a lot too, from massive slouchy hats to smaller and more elegant Russian styles. One contender to the fur is the Cloche hats; these are super feminine and really quite cute. These hats are all the way from the 1920’s when elegance and sophistication was the height of fashion.


For Him: Men’s hats this winter, like the women’s offer elegant and sophisticated designs ranging from the popular Al Capone Style, to romantic and retro; derby and country music hats are also a big hit. But if you’re more of a casual beanie or baseball hat guy, you can still be on trend; sporty chic is very in this winter.


No we’re not going to wake up to sun streaming through our windows, but a pair of sunglasses are essential on that drive to work or that walk at the weekend when the sun peeking through the clouds is bouncing off the icy roads and snowy fields, playing havoc with our eyes!

For Her: This winter the vintage look is pretty popular with funky patterned frames offering that cheeky look and a splash of colour in the winter months.


For Him: The Ray Ban style sunglasses have stuck firmly in the limelight this winter along with the aviator style glasses.

There’s a huge range to choose from, but with both men’s and women’s sunglasses the look you should go for is the one that suits your style and the shape of your face. So don’t be afraid to break the mould and simply choose the pair that suits you the best.

This post was written by Meredith Watts on behalf of City Specs, optician and prescription experts and the UK’s largest online store for prescription glasses and sunglasses.


Finding The Perfect Debs Venue

Leaving parties, matric dances, award dinners, debs ball – all of these occasions are really just great excuses to throw a huge party. These events are an integral part of any work, school or birthday- with great food, plenty of drinks and your friends, work colleagues or family members. The parties will vary in size- some could be between 20 and 50 people and others could be hundreds of people. There are so many venues to choose from across the United Kingdom that are all equally amazing, however it is usually the country hotels that you will find perfect venue sizes.


The UK gives you a huge choice of event venues, from hotels to bars and clubs or even, for certain, very prestigious events some parties will be thrown at museums or other specialised venues. If you are looking for a venue where your guests can stay until the early hours of the morning a club is great, however having something at a beautiful hotel you have the opportunity to stay over and not drive and if it is a work function they would almost definitely provide this for you.

You also need to think carefully about the food when considering venues- whether you are looking for snacks or a full-on 3 course meal. Some venues won’t allow you to bring in an outside caterer if that’s what you were hoping for so this needs to be taken into consideration. In regards to drinks, many places will have different drinks packages to offer you, especially hotels so that you will just have to choose one. Venues for things like a debs ball will offer you a price per head package, which would include your food and drinks and other hotels will offer price per head just for food – it all depends on what you are looking for and how many people you are catering for in the end.


There is the perfect venue for every different occasion, of all types and sizes; you just have to find it. You can also hire events coordinators who will have a lot more experience and a lot more connections in this industry. In the end the factor that makes your event perfect is the people who you share it with.

So if you have an important, special event coming up I recommend starting to look around at venues and caterers and all the other small details to make sure your event is perfect and memorable and if you are in the UK, Ireland is a great location with amazing views.


Nicola has been looking around Ireland for the perfects debs venue and banqueting rooms for her event next year.


Romantic wedding venues in Ireland

When planning for your special day you need to consider what wedding packages at the different venues, including accommodation. The thought of getting married at the same venue as you have your wedding is a convenient one and being in Ireland would make it that much more unique and special. It is convenient for yourself and your guests – this way the wedding ceremony and your reception will be in the same place and guests don’t have to find other accommodation or travel to other hotels before or after the wedding celebrations.


Hotels often offer a wide variety of great wedding packages, which usually includes a night in an extremely fancy suite with champagne, breakfast in bed etc after the wedding.  That would just be a few added extras from the hotel if you choose to use their hotel as your wedding venue.

By having your wedding at a hotel in Ireland you will benefit from the competition between the different hotels, getting the highest service quality as well as the most reasonably priced. Hotels in Ireland can offer so much more than just a small church or chapel or restaurant for the reception- they offer amazing, unique views and surroundings, tourist attractions and some of the most beautiful and oldest well known sights. You will experience the most incredible, romantic wedding- the type you dream of from a young age.


There are a few popular trends going around at the moment, some hotels offer themed wedding packages which is becoming increasingly popular, as well as having outdoor ceremonies in beautiful gardens, on beaches, near fountains or any other ceremony wishes. However those couples looking for more excitement while saying their vows, for these people Ireland wedding venues can also cater for this- high waterfalls, beautiful peaks etc.

These well thought of wedding packages may not come cheap, but what a great way to start your life together and there’s no doubt that your guests and family will thoroughly enjoy it, your wedding will be remembered for years to come.


You can find out prices of these great wedding venues in Ireland just by emailing the hotels or simply giving them a call. The hotel staff will do all of the work for you- there will be very little for you to stress about. Having your wedding in Ireland can be one of the most romantic experiences and is a great destination.

Nicola wrote this article after doing some research on wedding venues in Ireland and wanted to share the information.


Why Wedding Photography IS important

In this short post I want to explain why I think wedding photography is pretty much as important as it gets, and certainly every bit as important as your wedding venue. Ok, I know I’m a wedding photographer, so I’m about as biased as it gets, but please bear with me.


Think about the following scenario. You’ve spent £10,000 on an absolutely stunning venue for your wedding. It has amazing views and locations, the staff are incredibly efficient and helpful, and your day goes without a hitch. In a word, your wedding day is amazing. Unfortunately, you decided to hire a sub-standard photographer for less than £500. As a consequence your wedding photos are a pale imitation of your big day- they simply don’t do your wedding any justice at all, and they completely fail to capture the emotion of the day.

I’ve seen this scenario unfold in real life on numerous occasions, and without ANY exception the couples in question always regret their decision to hire a cheap photographer. They realise, too late, that you only get one shot at capturing the single most important day of your life. In short, they only realise the true value of their wedding photos after the event.


Please, please, please don’t fall into the same trap yourself. I’m not saying that you have to spend a fortune on photography. What I am saying is that you shouldn’t settle for mediocrity. The more talented, able and experienced wedding photographers out there don’t come cheap. This is because their knowledge, experience and skills come at a price. These professionals also have to invest in expensive camera and computer equipment, have to take out costly insurance, and meet numerous other overheads. £1400 isn’t a huge amount to spend on photography when weighed up against its lifetime value.

Of course, its totally understandable if you have to run your wedding on a tight budget, and it may simply be inconceivable to spend that kind of money on photography. My advice in this situation is to try to find a young, talented, and inexperienced photographer to shoot your big day. Yes, they may be inexperienced, so there is a little more risk in hiring them than a more experienced professional, however it’s a far better choice in my opinion than hiring a sub-standard, low price ‘experienced’ professional (of which there are far too many in the marketplace).


Another word of advice- always make sure that you meet your photographers before booking them. In most cases you will be spending quite a bit of time with them on your wedding day, and so it’s incredibly important that you like them and feel comfortable with them too. I wish you the very best of luck!

Matt Foden is a wedding photographer based in Croydon, in Surrey. Along with his wife Brenda, they run Foden Photography, specialising in both wedding and portrait photography.

How to Hold a Winter Wedding in Style

Be Prepared

What is the one thing that the vast majority of winter weddings have in common?


The answer – that a lot of them focus on being glitzy, glamorous, and lavish, without considering some of the important basic issues first and foremost. We went to a great winter wedding once, where clearly no expense had been spared to put together a magical day, but the bride and groom hadn’t considered that the converted barn where the wedding and party was being held would be absolutely freezing.

The moral of our story is simple, follow our great ideas to add a touch of excitement and inspiration to your wedding day, just remember to think about the comfort and specifically the warmth of your guests!


Set the Scene

There are many reasons people plump for a winter wedding – some love the idea of potentially getting married in the snow, while others will be motivated by the lower prices of venues once the traditional summer wedding season has passed.

Think about what you want for your winter wedding. If you dream of getting married in the snow, then don’t just leave it to chance – your wedding is booked months in advance so you won’t know until perhaps a few days before whether or not it is likely to snow. What you need to do is book an artificial snow machine, and the best thing is they aren’t really that expensive. They also actually make it feel like it is genuinely snowing, rather than making guests feel like they are in a wind tunnel with wet confetti.

Engage the Guests

Although the weather is a huge factor, outdoor weddings remain hugely popular in the winter. If you want your guests to remember your day for all of the right reasons, you need to engage them and give them something memorable to put the cold at bay. If you make people smile and give them a memory, they will happily stand outside in the artificial or real snow that is setting the scene.

Two simple ideas to keep people outside happy are fireworks and something such as a hog roast. Fireworks are obviously a wedding staple, although the great thing with a winter wedding is that it gets dark much earlier, so you can fit these into the celebrations early before heading inside if you need to.


Serving food outside is again something that you may have to decide on the day and leave to chance a little bit, however it’s a brilliant alternative to the usual sitting around inside a function room, and adds an informal and relaxed slant to a day when everyone is potentially feeling a little uptight and nervous.

Make sure you get hitched without a hitch, and make your winter wedding day memorable and exciting for yourselves and all of your guests – and keep them warm!

Fireworks Crazy are a premium fireworks display and e-commerce retailer, specialising in providing a variety of fireworks for sale across the entire year.