10 belongings you’ll Learn from Dating an self-determining Woman

A lot of people imagine that freelance women are some kind of mystical creature, or maybe a spiritual being or even a story. However, freelance women are very real, very successful, and lots of fun to urge to understand. They have weaknesses and strengths somewhat like everybody else but they are fantastically determined and unarguably have power to raised the world. So, what is it favor to date associate degree freelance woman?


1. she’s about to inspire you
Independent girls have the aptitude to face life’s challenges with a fearless heart. they have fears of failure like everyone else, but over one thing they are petrified of browsing life whereas not fulfilling their potential. Their “I-can-do-anything” temperament will sure shake your perceptions relating to but you will be living your own life, and

2. She does not believe clinginess
Want a girl that is fully passionate about your look associate degreed cannot facilitate but be everyplace you in private associate degreed in public? Then an freelance girl is not for you. freelance girls skills to point their love, and additionally the applicable times to do to to thus. They understand that a ‘significant other’ might be a a section of their lives and not their entire life. In short, they have a life outside of you.

3. She is additionally help-deprived
The most excellent characteristic relating to the freelance girl is to boot her biggest enemy. Her independence may get inside the way of inquiring for facilitate. She could even see inquiring for facilitate as a symbol of weakness or associate interposition. Step in and supply to help but check that to not overstep your boundaries. If she says “no” to your give for facilitate, leave it at that and wait until she modifies her mind.

4. She needs a outstanding vigorous
Independent girls wish someone that understands them and provides them their house. alone an enormous various that includes a time period of their own and global organization agency values independence are able to meet the freelance woman’s needs


5. She likes to travel alone
Independent women are not afraid to need Associate in Nursing journey on their own. whether or not or not they’re going all the means right down to the beach or halfway around the world, they see traveling alone as a result of the liberty they need to make the foremost of their traveling experience.

6. She might have few friends
Independent women is very intimidating! For this reason, freelance women tend to possess uncountable acquaintances but solely some shut friends. as a results of their I can do it on my own angle, typically they’re going to not be approachable. However, when you embrace their angle of independence you will positive gain an in depth and dependable companion.

7. She is not afraid to be alone
No friends offered weekday night to undertake out that new Thai place around the corner or to seem at the most recent Matthew McConaughey movie? Not a haul for the freelance girl. The freelance girl is not frightened of sitting alone and having a “romantic” evening where she gets to clear their thoughts and ex-cogitate new concepts. She is to boot not the tiniest quantity bit intimidated of sitting alone in associate degree passing cinema and enjoying the show.

Brave Girl

8. She thrives on her independence
Everyone at work dodging on the foremost recent assignment? whereas super frustrating, that is quite alright for the freelance girl. She is awake to what she is capable of accomplishing and isn’t afraid to need on notwithstanding career challenges return her suggests that. She thrives on in operation alone and since she controls the tip result.

9. She likes to like
While she might appear distant each currently so, the freelance woman likes to like. She won’t be the foremost tender partner but she is stunningly thoughtful in but she displays her love.

10. She follows Shakespeare’s recommendation
Finally, the freelance woman likes to follow Shakespeare’s advice” To thine own self be true” and she takes it to heart. She is awake to World Health Organization she is and what she needs. Don’t mistake her firmness for rudeness, she merely is awake to once to say “no” and once to maneuver on. Don’t be afraid to embrace her self-worth and appreciate her candid wrestle but she have to be compelled to be treated.

The 46 Indicator That Your Closest Buddy Is Really Your Best Peer Forever

There’s employment for every person you meet in life. Some will teach you, some will hurt you and a number of will constantly be there for you. They are going to support you, take care for you and accept you simply the maneuver you are. These types of people work from friends into unbiological siblings.You can feel what amount they need you to succeed and acknowledge that they are planning to move to the ends of the world to help you. They cue you that you’re sturdy enough for your toughest battles and should celebrate with you once you succeed. They are going to be 1st|the primary} to clap once you deliver the merchandise one issue and as well the primary to cry as a results of they’re so happy with you. ???????? ???? ??? ???????? ?????

They’re the people who will hold you tight and carry you once you want breaking down. You acknowledge she’ll be your tender, and she’s already planned a speech. Here unit style of the signs that your relief is your relief forever:

You every sleep at intervals constant bed and, sometimes, cuddle stupidly one issue of it.

She is tuned in to all of your passwords.

You pay extra money on her Valentines’ gift than you are doing on your important others.

Your tear once she achieves one issue.

Your ex is her biggest enemy

You stopped shopping for her birthday gifts as a results of you get one another gifts all year long.

She’s jealous that your beau gets to pay most time with you.

You owe one another most cash merely that you just merely stopped keeping track.

You know her wardrobe turned.

She understands and respects why you’re busy and doesn’t cause you to want sh*t relating to it.

She “likes/retweets/favorites” your Facebook updates, tweets and Instagrams, as presently as they’re denote.

If you receive a text, she’s automatically observance your phone and giving recommendation relating to but you need to respond.


You love staying in and ordering dish on over going out.

You keep complaining relating to constant things and keep giving each other constant recommendation.

You’ve forwarded her such an enormous quantity of screenshots from such an enormous quantity of conversations, despite but pointless the content was.

You keep each other updated relating to bodily functions.

One of you is mothering and additionally the choice is childlike.

Your family and siblings forget that you’re not very connected and lift where she is within the least family gatherings.

You hate constant people.

You have code names for those that others will never understand, “Did you call Orange today?”

You every get jealous if you feel like somebody else is fascinating your BFF’s attention.

Nudity is that the norm!

You’re Facebook friends with every other’s people and siblings.

Sometimes you feel like you’re turning into one another.…Because you only concerning share everything.


You probably have a secret shake.

You feel heartsick once somebody breaks her heart.

You’re incapable of taking a photograph on it isn’t silly.

You know once she wants a hug and once she should be left alone.

You don’t ought to be compelled to supply her selections once she’s looking through your closet — she already is alert to each single item you own.

You share toilet article. And don’t raise initial.

You know her most well-liked drinks associated you’re associate skilled at creating them.

If you’re occurring a visit with a gaggle, clearly everybody else is alert to you 2 are sharing a part

You every get jealous if you feel like somebody else is fascinating your BFF’s attention.

Check Zodiac Before Dating

What you decide on to undertake and do for those initial few dates can build or break the full affair. It’s best to decide on out degree activity simply that you just merely genuinely fancy doing and won’t push you on the means that facet your temperature. But that doesn’t mean that degree delighted evening (or day) won’t take a lingering flip for the fast.


Impress Aries by wanting for with relation to associate underground music hall spectacle or all-night dance party. Arrange to score front row seats or access to the V.I.P.section of an occurrence, and watch them experience their favored standing. Bring them into a rarified and exciting atmosphere, type of a fete. The Aries shines among commanding folks and would fancy observance them check their heart, and if getable, collaborating. This may be one issue from a sporting event to a word competition.

Think slow and straight forward with this one maybe suggesting a relaxed picnic lunch at the beach or park. They are eater from ground town kind to the glutton, thus creating an effort out several restaurants can keep you having a great deal for fast for any points, cook up a full course meal reception and invite them over. A flick is sweet as a results of you don’t have the pressure to talk, but can still grow nearer through the shared medium experience.


A chance to speak concerning everything below the Sun warms the Gemini heart. This probably happen anywhere, however it helps if the setting is stimulating, as well. Keep it spirited with a visit to a facility or dropping by to observe walk artists and musicians.

Any novel setting makes them feel a childlike sense of surprise, therefore why not take them to it building with delicious, however seldom seen modification of state you’ve ne’er detected of. For them, selection is that the spice of life — don’t be afraid to form Associate in nursing uncommon request!

Here’s the prospect to undertake that cozy very little or no or no Italian place with the non-public tables and candles on each table. A peaceful atmosphere and their favorite comfort foods set the stage for love. Decide to avoid huddled concert events with them, as they’re merely engulfed by chaos and may retreat behind their shell. You’ll envisage object are going good once the Cancer finally invitations you into the quality of their home, and that’s once you’ll begin to appear at their true self emerge.


A fine consumption expertise appeals to their refined tastes, however on to their affinity for being served. The trimmings of romance are necessary, and they’ll smile on a date with flowers, chocolate or a bottle of wine in hand. Being on show lights them up, therefore dressing to the nines and stepping out may even be a analysis event unto itself. Some cocktails, somewhat dinner and dance, an evening cap – they are realizable to understand unchanged class over a several casual state of affairs.

You’ll get approach by wining and uptake the Libra in grand fascination. Even among the comfort station, they’ll appreciate it if you bring out the sole tablecloths and object napkins. Libra selections a expect beauty, and any fairly cultural event provides them an opportunity to means that off their goodliness. They are yowl chatterer; therefore watch to line up time to “discuss” what you’ve viewed over a drink; However keep it clean and complicated they’re about to not would like to keep long in your favorite smoky dive bar. Several of them would like to travel wherever the partaking folks unit to appear at and be seen.

The only issue positive here is that the Scorpio unpredictability. Hear what drives their specific passions and build suggestions consequently. They’re avid competitors therefore if you’re up for it, why not consultant to some one on one activity in any sport or restoration. Active dates keep you from having to reveal associate excessive amount of early to the inquiring Scorpio mind. The pull toward the chamber is to boot felt quickly, however a varied 1st few dates provides it a basis for up to presently further.

These globetrotters might appreciate a world music competition or one altogether those “Taste of the Nations” food extravaganzas. Throw a feast and invite your most culturally varied friends therefore they’ll see however fascinating you are. The active “Sadge” might prefer associate exercise date, like daily trip of look on mountain bikes. All this could be work for hiking in Kingdom of Kingdom of Asian country, athletics at Beech Mountain and people several triathlons that return later.

Romantic young couple sitting on the beach enjoying warm sun.

Romantic young couple sitting on the beach enjoying warm sun.

Suggested analysis ideas for Capricorn unit of measure activities that unit of measure enriching in but, associate degreed an honest worth for the cash spent. You shouldn’t leave the edifice, as associate degree example, thinking you’ve been over-billed — impress them by staring at food reviews beforehand. It’s not of times obvious that they’re having associate degree honest time, however one sign is that if they start talking in Associate in nursing animated implies that. They’re going to appreciate events that provoke serious discussion type of a historic re-enactment or a sweeping epic drama.

It’s easier to induce to understand the Aquarius as an area of a group of peer’s. And date night would fitfully realizable involve one or further totally different duo logy, for dinner or freedom to a festivity. Try taking them to the native planetarium for the device show. They’d get pleasure from attending a profit for a cause they believe. Associate in nursing exhibition on movement gadgets may pique their interest. For dinner, try suggesting modification of state they’re not apt to eat daily.

They’ll be in their portion by or on the water, therefore maybe try each day trip on a scenic watercourse, or Associate in nursing excursion to ascertain the dolphins. Pisces is fascinated by the “otherworldly” and may get pleasure from stopping by the native metaphysical look. They’re together drawn to art, music and film, therefore try a night of artistic escape and recreation. Close to grasp them takes time and you’ll get any in quiet environments wherever you will speak one on one.


Suggested analysis ideas for Capricorn unit of measuring activities that unit of measuring enriching in however, Associate in nursing associate degree honest worth for the cash spent. You shouldn’t leave the building, as Associate in nursing example, thinking you’ve been over-billed — impress them by look food reviews beforehand. It’s not frequently obvious that they’re having Associate in nursing honest time, but one sign is that if they begin talking in Associate in nursing animated methodology. They’re going to appreciate events that provoke serious discussion variety of a historic re-enactment or a sweeping epic drama.

It’s easier to urge to know the Aquarius as a vicinity of a circle of friends. And date night may sometimes involve one or innumerable varied couples, for dinner or leisure to a celebration. Try taking them to the native planetarium for the optical device showing. They’d relish attending a profit for a cause they believe. Associate in nursing accumulation on grouping gadgets might pique their interest. For dinner, try suggesting preparation they’re not apt to eat each day.</>

5 superb Tricks which will assist you how to reduce your weight without effort

Exercising, doubtless, is one in every of the foremost effective ways that during which to cut back and procure in a similar way. But, there are some tricks merely|that you just} that you just simply will follow to shed some any pounds whereas not breaking a sweat. Yes, you browse it right! excluding taking correct diet, drinking many water, avoiding food and obtaining correct sleep, you’ll follow some easy and effective tips to mention bye thereto unwanted weight. So, are you excited to understand concerning those marvelous tricks? Well, then browse on to understand however you’ll reduce whereas not sweat.
Eat with dim lightweight and soft music

Eating in dim light-weight in conjunction with some soft music being contend at intervals the realm will facilitate in intense fewer calories. Even a new study from Cornell University supports this. In such a calming atmosphere, you’re less distracted by the atmosphere so, you focus several on your food. This way, not solely you fancy your food several, however you’re in addition less altogether chance to try and do to to mindless intake. So, dim down those lights and play some soft music whenever you eat. After all, it doesn’t would really like made of your efforts, right?

Change the dimensions of your plate

This is additional|one additional} good trick to prevent yourself from uptake additional whereas not creating torrential efforts. in step with a recent analysis by professors, Brian Wansink and Koert van Ittersum, reducing the dimensions of plate throughout that you just dine in addition helps tons in reducing weight. after you place same quantity of food during a try of plates of various sizes, the larger one seems to be having lesser quantity as compared to the smaller one. And, you wind up putt lots of food throughout a colossal plate. So, dine in a smaller plate to lose slightly bit weight whereas not extremely doing one issue. And, if you’re still not convinced, then hear it straight from the skilful, as Dr. Brian Wansink explains this logic further:

Think about food

Have a night meal to attend? And, you are puzzling over what all food things would be there? If affirmative, then act and keep puzzling over it as a results of this could lower down the quantity of want endocrine, and you’ll consume fewer calories throughout the meal. “Looking forward to consumption would possibly would like a positive impact on food intake management as a results of it lands up in feeling full sooner, and sustaining that feeling of full, thus you are doing not draw high-calorie snacks,” says Dr. Manfred Hallschmid, department of natural science and activity natural science, University of Tübingen.


Do a trifle add the house

No, we’ve associate degree inclination to don’t seem to be talking concerning any reasonably sweat in house. In fact, we’ve associate degree inclination to are talking concerning liberal arts some family work to burn lots of calories. Like rather than employing a field service on every occasion, you’ll garden And mow by yourself for twenty five to half-hour every week ANd burn around a pair of hundred calories! you’ll even wash your automotive for associate degree hour every week to not solely economize, however place along to lose around one hundred calories. So, do any family task on your own, and see the excellence.

Get acupuncture treatment done

You can in addition have religion in obtaining treatment done to skinny. in step with a study written in treatment in medication, targeting 5 points among the ears, that are associated with want suppression and digestion, winds up in weight loss. Also, this system will increase the speed, that further promotes the consumption of body fat and helps you chop back weight even whereas not work up. However, certify to induce treatment done by a notable and well-trained acupuncturist solely.


7 SEO Fundamentals a lot of vital Than Link Building

Link building has been a subject of distinction for the past few months, as comments from Google’s own John Mueller associated proof from the foremost recent spherical of the seabird update have called into question the final legitimacy of link building as AN SEO strategy. Up until recently, link building was thought-about to be indispensable to any SEO campaign—because Google considers the quantity and quality of external links inform back to a website as a heavy indication of that domain’s authority, it entirely created sense that building further links would have a proportional impact on increasing that authority.However, Google looks to be cracking down on the observe of external link building, putt new laws in place to closely scrutinize the quality of external links and in most cases, recommending that search marketers avoid the observe altogether. The SEO community has responded in AN passing deep divide, with one side claiming that link building got to be avoided within the least costs and conjointly the various demand that it’s still a viable strategy.2

I believe that link building remains a awfully vital an area of any SEO campaign, as a results of correlation studies still indicate that links have the heaviest impact on the ranking rule, but I do acknowledge that its power has weakened and its risks have exaggerated in recent years. whereas incoming links square measure essential for any SEO campaign, link building as a manoeuvre isn’t to any extent further essential. Instead, a high-quality content strategy that pulls links form of a magnet (rather than collaborating in outbound efforts to amass links) looks to be what Google is creating a shot to nudge webmasters toward. Still, there square measure dozens of different elementary factors far more necessary than link building that got to take immediate priority. These square measure variety of the foremost important:

1. Mobile improvement.

First, guarantee your internet site is optimized for mobile. once Google’s recent “Mobilegeddon” update, there’s presently no excuse for having an online website that isn’t mobile-compatible. Hopefully, your internet site is responsive, that is in a position to allow it to be viewed consistently in spite of what form of device is utilized to access it. whereas not some level of mobile improvement, your internet site is additionally doomed to low search visibility. on the so much aspect that, it’s price optimizing your internet site for speed as well—the faster your pages load, the upper your overall user experience square measure aiming to be, and Google will rank your pages higher as a result.
2. internet site Navigation. Google rewards sites that build it straightforward for users to go looking out what they need, whether or not or not that’s data, a service, or a specific product. Optimize your navigation so it’s straightforward to go looking out any page; the common due to do that is to cluster your pages in an exceedingly} very single, minimalist navigation bar with descriptive core headings and full lists of pages below. It’s together helpful to include a probe bar and interlink your content deeply so no single page of your internet site is ever quite a pair of or three clicks away. Your goal got to be getting your users to their ideal destination as quickly and easily as achievable.

3. Full, Informative Content.

every page of your internet site must have a full section of descriptive, correct content. On your home page, users got to be able to instantly tell what your business is. On your regarding page, you got to list necessary facts regarding your company. On your Contact page (and home page), you’d wish to list your business name, address, and range at the very least. The plenty of correct and thus the plenty of thorough your content is, the higher you’re planning to rank.


4. Regular current Content.

whereas not associate current content strategy program to support it, associate external link building campaign is way useless. every business must be developing and business least one new piece of content every week—the plenty of the upper. This content must be all original, informative, and useful for its target market. whereas not that current up to date content, your internet site will quickly fall to the competition.

5. A Social Media Presence.

And by a social media presence, I don’t mean a stagnant or token presence on Facebook and Twitter. If you’re planning to get social, you would like to urge involved. Claim your business’s profile on as many social media platforms as you will, and post often on those platforms. Work to create contacts, connections, and a real current community with syndicated content, company updates, and finally exclusive offers. The larger your social presence is, the higher esteem you’ll hold with Google. For plenty of on social media merchandising, see my eBook, The Definitive Guide to Social Media merchandising.

Effect Of Social Media And Blogging On B2B

Higher Quality can produce an even bigger Impact

We have been talking regarding however the B2B vendee is changing—constantly jam-packed with surprises, progressively unpredictable and implausibly savvy. unnecessary to mention, these changes have brought a full new dimension to the already advanced B2B sales cycle. the method of B2B merchant choice that historically was supported performance indicators of service, delivery, quality and worth is currently supported all of those, and evolving factors like just-in-time communication, method improvement and potency, increased offer chain management, etc. wherever altogether this complexness will social media promoting figure?


There has been some point out this report—the headline is oral communication, “Blogging and Social Media square measure “not a factor” in B2B trafficker selection”. In my opinion, this tends to sensationalize the problem and build folks suppose that blogging and social media square measure a waste of your time. If you scan the rest of the report, you’ll see that the intent isn’t to steer B2B marketers far from these (worthwhile) activities. However, as we know, a headline grabs attention and other people tend to urge frenzied discussing that before going deeper into the message inside a chunk of content.

Here’s wherever i feel there’s a disconnect:


Social media and blogging don’t seem to be regarding direct sales once it involves B2B—they ne’er were. thus why raise that question? It’s true that we will learn from B2C, however one has got to confine mind that in B2B, it’s not an equivalent as marketing your contraption direct to client from a Facebook update or a journal post. Social media and blogging have invariably been regarding the long game—of lead nurturing; the marathon, not a sprint. If you think that that social media is regarding increasing sales, then you’re positively remote the mark. Let’s say you probably did solely scrutinize activities that junction rectifier on to an acquisition, it still wouldn’t work. As I taken off by spoken language, we have a tendency to currently sleep in AN era wherever the sale itself is advanced. there’s most data out there (often, it’s simply noise) that the most effective method, so far, to interrupt through the noise and be detected is to nurture with prime quality, valuable content.

Motorcycle Jackets – Enhance Your Lifestyle By Getting The Best Designer Jackets

Sitting on a sports bike with a sports jacket on your body reflects your lifestyle and makes you stand apart from the crowd. With the increasing demand for motorcycle jackets, more and more sportswear companies have started manufacturing such jackets for both men and women. These jackets not only add style to your personality but also provide a high level of protection during the ride. This article deals with relevant information regarding the different types of biker jackets present in the market. With such a large variety present in the market, you will surely find a jacket that matches your taste and personality.

Retro Jacket


A retro jacket is the best for those bikers who often race with other bikers. These jackets are available in a wide range of colors with lots of logos and graphics. The riders can also get one designed as per the theme of the race. There are various jacket manufacturing companies that design custom motorcycle jackets on the demand of the riders.

Classic Jackets

It is a casual jacket which is designed to offer a high level of comfort to the riders instead of design or logos. These jackets not only enhance your personality on the bike but also allow you to wear them on a regular basis. The bike riders can get such jackets in a perfect fit from various showrooms or online shopping portals. These jackets do not deliver protection but are constructed functionally with a highly durable material that has a long life. These jackets are generally prepared from genuine leather and add a few stars to the personality of the riders.

Sports or racing jackets


These motorcycle jackets are specially designed for the individuals having passion about racing. These jackets are tailor made for racers so as to provide them a high level of safety and prevent the injuries which might occur due to accidents. Manufactured from thick leather, these jackets are provided with extra padding and protective armor. In order to improve the vision during the night, some lightening graphics are also installed on the jacket.

Rain Jacket

You might shave got an idea about this type of jacket from its name. Yes, this motorcycle jacket is usually used by the riders during rainy season in order to keep them safe from the slippery road and slides. These jackets are usually made up of nylon and prevent the riders from getting wet from rain.

Summer Jackets

These motorcycle jackets are considered as best for those who are simply bike riders and do not take part in racing. The bike racers should not use this jacket as it does not provide ultimate protection to the bikers. These jackets provide a cooling touch to the bike riders in summer seasons.


Bike riding can prove to be dangerous is you do not have the right motorcycle jackets with you. A protective covering no matter it is a helmet or a motorcycle jacket, is necessary to ensure safety. Your passion for biking can be fruitful only if you pay proper attention towards your safety. Avoid getting into a race before collecting the essential protective requirements.

This article shows that how motorcycle jackets made an eye-catching look when someone ride on. These leather jackets makes you stand apart from the rest of other folks when you  sit on your sporty. If you want to get more information about motorcycle jackets then motorcycle would be the best for you.

Tips To Know Before You Visit Paris

The French capital of Paris is right up there amongst the most well-known and prestigious cities in the world and the amount of visitors it has would appear to indicate that there are millions who agree with this assertion. If you are counting down the days before you take in your own taste of Parisian life then it is quite possible that you will want to be well prepared. These are some tips that could prove to be quite useful ahead of and during your stay.

Memorise some French


If you studied French during your time at school or if you speak it fluently then it can certainly allow you to enjoy your trip to Paris a lot more. However, you do not necessarily need a background in the French language to have a great time in the city. The minimum that you will need is a handful of vital phrases that will allow you to communicate with people to a good enough level. ‘Please (s’il vous plait)’ and ‘thank you (merci)’ will go an extremely long away, as will ‘hello (bonjour)’ and ‘goodbye (au revoir)’, especially as it is considered to be impolite not to greet people in such places as shops.

Take in the sights

You are undoubtedly spoilt for choice when it comes to sights to see in Paris and the most synonymous of these is the Eiffel Tower. There is also Disneyland of course and there are not many better places in the world for the kids to see while on holiday. You may also consider the cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris, as well as Le Champ de Mars next to both the Eiffel Tower and Ecole Militaire. These are just a mere few examples of a simply huge list so make sure that you sample as many as you can during the trip.

Do not be quick with your food


When you sample French cuisine you should always ensure that you are taking your time, never more so than when you are eating in a restaurant. It is culturally expected that you do not rush when eating your meal and you will find that the waiters will be acting very much in expectation of this.

The Metro

The Paris Metro is such a useful way to get around during your stay in the city and you can find its stops in all areas of the city. There is only Moscow that has a metro system with more passengers on a daily basis.

Article written by Katherine White on behalf of

New Technology Changes Online Shopping Forever

No one can be any doubt about the rise of online shopping and its impact on the high street. The recent collapse of several major retail operations is indicative of the changes in the way we shop. With 10% of all purchases now being made online the damaging effect on retailers has been twofold. Firstly footfall into the shops is being eroded and secondly consumers have the expectation of lower and lower prices. The result is reduced sales and reduced margins which is a very bad cocktail indeed to for businesses struggling to cover their overheads.



Retailers of fashion perhaps face unique difficulties with online sales. People still wish to try on clothes to see what they look like before they purchase them but would obviously still like the convenience and price advantage of shopping online. In addition there is the problem of clothes being offered in many size and colour options which makes holding enough stock in a store to supply all eventualities very difficult. All of these issues introduce the prospect of shops merely becoming venues for dressing up sessions before consumers disappear to make their actual purchase online. If shops decide to exclusively retail online to avoid this situation they have, until now, faced the difficulty of a very high proportion of returns as customers discover that the items they have purchased do not fit or suit them. But now everything is set to change.


Many retailers are now turning to the use of virtual fitting rooms to enhance the online experience of their customers and minimise the number of returns they have to process. Adidas, Hugo Boss and Superdry have introduced a tool developed by where customers enter their measurements to then see an accurate portrayal of what an item of clothing will look like on them and how well it will fit. Both the retailers and believe the system will drive additional sales and reduce the number of returns. Tesco have launched a similar system and others are set follow.


Further Developments

The fashion world is now also seeing the introduction of technology known as augmented reality (AR). Using a smartphone, iPad or webcam consumers can superimpose garments over their own image to see what they will look like. Debenhams have already trialled an Apple application using AR bringing the virtual and real worlds together. Shoppers can even get their friend’s opinions before buying by uploading images of themselves wearing the clothes onto Facebook or Twitter. Technology is marching on at such a pace that before these new systems are commonplace, even more advanced applications have been developed using 3D scanning. John Lewis are working with Technology company Cisco to create a magic mirror with integral sensors and camera which scan the customers to determine their exact measurements and then superimposes garments from the shop’s range onto the image in the mirror. You can even view several items at once using the system to create an entire outfit. It can only be a matter of time before such systems are available for use at home.



In the not too distant future it appears that we will be able to try on anything a retailer has to offer without leaving the house. Our computers will become a virtual shopping environment in which we can try on clothes and then even see how accessories like watches and handbags will look with our new outfits. Companies like Hugo Boss and John Lewis are in the forefront of the revolution but it cannot be long before everyone will follow suit or risk disappearing completely not only from the high street but from the virtual world as well.

Sally Stacey writes on a wide range of subjects including technology, travel and music. Read more on Sally’s Google+ profile page.